Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Vacuum Packaging Machine in Vacuum Packing Machine range. Model: DZ300T


Vacuum Packaging Machinery is widely used in various types of food, hardware, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, apuatic products, electronic components industries, various forms of products (solid, liquid, powder, paste) in vacuum-packed. Can prevent the product due to oxidation or spoilage caused by bacterial growth to achieve the extension of product shelf-life and storage time purposes.

Sunrose Online provide a wide range of innovative butchery equipment that is used in many of the leading butcheries in the Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal region. Our products include meat slicers, mincers, sausage fillers, bandsaws and even more equipment on the best prices around. Our  equipment can be used for both domestic and commercial use – which is fabricated from anodized aluminum and is equipped with a powerful motor to guarantee hassle free operations.


Model: DZ300

Chamber size: 490*445*40mm

Power: 0.75kW

Voltage: 220v,50Hz

Sealing Length: 400mm

Sealing Width: 10mm

Max Seal Thickness@ 0.1-0.5mm

Weight: 162kg


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